Our project

our project

Sun in the Age addresses the problem of loneliness and social isolation in older adults, which became more visible during the pandemic. Lack of basic human contact for months at a time and a sense of distress at death have become the main problem.

Sun in the Age provides practical, low-cost and highly effective tools for accessing self-awareness of the mind and improving the work performance of educators. Professionals will learn how to use them to improve, through mindful breathing and other techniques, their mental health and their service to others. Focused concentration, serenity, creativity, compassion and unconditional love are some of those inner skills that can be discovered and enhanced.

The main objective: to implement the REMIND practices (Relaxation, Meditation, Mindfulness) to significantly improve the competences and psycho-physical wellness of educators and social workers, as well as the quality of life of older people.


  • To provide social, educational, and health staff who work with the elderly with important new tools for managing stress using holistic approaches, including REMIND techniques.

  • To teach educators how to use REMIND techniques to improve their own psycho-physical wellbeing.

  • To enhance their knowledge of the resources available to older people and empower them through the use of REMIND techniques.

  • To enable older people to learn life skills, build resilience, improve emotional management, reduce stress and anxiety caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, maintain cognitive function, and turn LONELINESS into A GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY.

  • To strengthen networking opportunities among organizations participating in the project, particularly with regard to holistic approaches to wellbeing that include mindfulness.

Target Group


  • “Educators” such as social, educational, and health workers, as well as assistants and monitors, who work with older adults in residential homes, civic centres, educational centres, private homes, and other settings.
  • Adults aged between 40 and 65, with a particular focus on older adults.

The INDIRECT target group is made up of:

  • Public and private entities (at local, national and international level).
  • Local adult centres, health structures, educators and members of the civic society.
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