Good practices and case studies

Good practices and case studies

Analysis and contrasting the experiences and good practices on national level & case studies research

This report offers comprehensive insight into Meditation and Mindfulness teaching within the EU, with a focus on their application for professionals working with older adults. It encompasses a compilation of best practices, training experiences, and impactful case studies illustrating holistic approaches.

The report is structured into three sections:

Theoretical Background and Scientific Basis: This section presents the current state of REMIND techniques across partner countries. It delves into the concept of mindfulness, legislation regarding “alternative therapies,” the presence of official qualifications, average pricing of alternatives, reimbursement possibilities by Social Security, inclusion of mindfulness practices as employee benefits by companies, and availability in retirement homes and social centres. approaches.

Collection of 21 Good Practices: Here, we present a diverse array of exemplary practices from partner countries. Collecting these practices not only fosters knowledge exchange but also enables the identification of innovative techniques or adaptations of mindfulness that have proven successful in specific contexts. This compilation aims to inspire and enrich mindfulness practices across regions.

Compilation of 14 Case Studies: Based on interviews with professionals in REMIND techniques working with older adults, this section provides in-depth insights. The interviews explore the benefits of practicing mindfulness and its significance in supporting the mental and emotional well-being of elderly individuals.

This report serves as a valuable resource for understanding and advancing the application of Meditation and Mindfulness in professional settings, particularly for those working with older adults.

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